Booster Club FAQ


  • Is my membership tax-deductible? Yes, our Booster Club is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. You will be provided with a tax receipt.
  • Would my membership be eligible for my employer’s charitable contribution match? Yes, as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit your membership should be eligible. Confirm your company’s specific requirements.
  • Does being a Booster Club member mean I am expected to also contribute countless volunteer hours? Being a member does not require a certain number of volunteer hours. However, there will be several opportunities during the year to participate and further support the team such as a concession stand shift, timing at a meet, contributing food for the Coaches hospitality at home meets, organizing the banquets, or taking photos. Any volunteer involvement is appreciated.
  • What are the funding needs for the upcoming year? What are the needs for the year? We have set a goal to raise $40,000. In addition to supplementing travel and other operational expenses, we have equipment needs for the team.
  • Are we pursuing other funding such as sponsorships? Yes. we are pursuing corporate sponsorship/partnerships. We welcome other fundraising ideas as well as recommendations/connections for businesses to approach for sponsorship.
  • Do I need to join twice if my athlete participates in both Cross Country and Track? Yes. These are considered two different sport teams.
  • Do I need to join this year if I joined last fall? Yes. Booster Club membership is for a specific school year and renewed annually.
  • How do I join? You can join online using this link: click here
  • Is there a deadline for the membership? We would like to have memberships before the season begins in order to have funding to support the team’s immediate needs. However, we will accept memberships throughout the year